Umpqua Valley
              White Dove Release

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About Us

   "Can you have a love affair with pigeons . . .?"
          We live with our pigeons, sheep, rabbits, chickens, donkey 
      and hogs in one of the hundred valleys of the Umpqua near
      Roseburg . Our personal love affair for pigeons started in
      2010 when our children were looking for a new and
      different 4H project.
          Enter an elderly gentleman who, due to poor health,  
      had to disperse his flock of mixed breed pigeons. When we 
      walked away from Fred's house, we had in our possession two
      tiny squabs not more than a few days old and eight adult
          At home we showed the birds their new dwelling: a freshly 
      built pigeon cote in the corner of an old garage- turned 
      chicken coop, complete with nest boxes, perches, a trap door 
      and a run to the outside.
          Everyone settled in except for the two squabs who were 
      abandoned by their parents. Now, our family has had to hand
      raise lambs, chicks and goslings before, so why not squabs!  
      After doing some research online, the two naked squabs
      were brought into the house. Let the hand-raising begin!
          Pigeon babies grow extremely fast, especially when   
      they're fed "pigeon milk" from their parents. Our babies didn't
      get that great boost, but soon enough they were feathered
      out and ready to test their wings. We dubbed them Petey 
      and Pepper and their first flight was absolute magic! After a
      good month of training, these two birds that stole our hearts,
      were excellent flyers. Such grace in the air!
         The next phase of our pigeon passion came when we met 
      Nome Middleton, a pigeon person extraodinaire. Her love for 
      her pure white pletinckx pigeons is infectious. After our first
      meeting with Nome, we went home with 30 of these
      magnificent homing pigeons.
         With a pascal of pigeons who love to fly and a desire to  
      share these wonderful birds with others, Umpqua Valley
      White Dove Release was born. We're happy to bring you
      the joy that comes from the rush of white wings. Pax et

      Umpqua Valley White Dove Release is dedicated
       to the memory of Petey and Pepper! Long may
       you fly!!!

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