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              White Dove Release

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Funerals/ Memorials

           One of the most difficult life experiences is the loss of a  
     loved one. A dove release is a beautiful way to remember and
     honor the deceased.The Vision of a pure white dove rising
     gracefully from the hands of a family member represents their 
     loved one making the final journey to everlasting peace. This 
     "letting go" helps grieving hearts to begin the healing process.

     Single Dove: $100 (one dove)
                A single dove is released representing the departing
                soul of the deceased. This dove can be released by the
                hand of a loved one or by basket.

     White Trinity Release: $125 (4 doves)
                Three doves are released from a basket, representing
                the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Then a last 
                dove is released, either by hand or by basket,
                representing the soul of the departed rising to join the
                (An additional flock of "Angels" can be released
                 immediately after as an escort. The escort would be an
                 additional charge, depending on the number of extra
                 doves desired.)

      21 Dove Salute: $250 (21 doves)
                A 21 Dove Salute is a wonderful respectful way to 
                honor a deceased member of the military.

      Personal Release: We can work with you to find a special way 
      in which your family can find closure with hope and
      remembrance. Contact us for more details. The price will be 
      determined by the number of birds released.

Honor Guard: (12 doves)
                To honor their service to their country and mankind,
                Umpqua Valley White Dove Release
will provide a dove
                release of 12 doves at NO CHARGE for the families of
                policemen, firemen, or active military personnel who
                have died in the line of duty. This service is provided as
                long as there are no other commitments for Umpqua
                Valley White Dove Release
at the time.

                   Terms of Payment For Funeral Services

      We can handle most short term notices for a funeral dove 
      release. We do not require a deposit due to the suddenness
      of the loss of a loved one. However, payment must be
      received prior to the dove release taking place.

      Please see: Terms and Conditions page.

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