Umpqua Valley
              White Dove Release

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       Throughout the world the dove has been a symbol of love, 
       peace, purity and serenity. A dove release is a memorable  
       and imaginative way to celebrate those special life


        A dove release is a beautiful way to begin your life
        together. Doves mate for life. They share the responsibility
        of building a nest and raising their young. When the doves
        are released by the bride and the groom, family and friends
        will share in the symbolism of the couple starting their new
        life together. Saturdays are the busiest days for doves 
        releases. We suggest you reserve your date early!

    Bride and Groom:  $125 (two doves)
        Two doves released from the couple, either by hand or a 
        decorated heart shaped basket.
    God’s Blessing:  $150 (five doves)
        Two doves released from the bride and groom by hand or
        from a heart shaped basket, PLUS three doves,
        representing the Holy Trinity and God’s blessing, released
        from a heart shaped basket by family, friends, or the bridal
    Circle of Love:  $225 (twelve doves)
        Two doves released from the bride and groom by hand or 
        from a heart shaped basket, PLUS ten doves released by
        the families (two baskets, five doves per family) 
        symbolizing the joining of the two families.  

    Dove Display:  $75 ($50 when included with one of the 
        above packages)
        To compliment your wedding, we will display two snow
        white doves in a decorated cage for all to enjoy. THESE
     ****More doves may be added to your release at an
           additional charge.****

  Additional Fees, Mileage, Overtime, Parking, Etc.

       In addition to the standard dove release fees, there may be 
       other fees.  

     Mileage: The standard release package fees are based on a
     25 mile radius from our loft in the Garden Valley area of
     Roseburg, Oregon. A travel fee of one dollar per mile one  
     way ($1/mile) for distances BEYOND a 25 mile radius will be
     determined based on Mapquest from our loft to your release

     Overtime Fee:  Occasionally we will have more than one dove
     release per day.  We schedule our dove releases with plenty
     of time in between so we can be at your event an hour
     before it starts to set up and take care of last minute
     changes. Our release contract has a scheduled release time
     determined by you. You are given a half hour AFTER your
     scheduled release time to conduct the release.  If this half
     hour is exceeded, there will be a $25 per half hour late fee.  
     Please be considerate of the timing of your release.

     We will be sure to tell you of any additional fees in
     advance when possible.

     Umpqua Valley White Dove Release will not release our
     birds if conditions become unsafe. Therefore, we will
     not release birds indoors, at night, or during inclement
     weather. If conditions become unacceptable for the
     release due to weather, acts of God, etc., we will  
     refund all your money less a mileage fee (minimum
     $25) and cost of any display cages.  

     Please see: Terms and Conditions Page

  • Local Checks accepted with proper I.D. (There will be a $35 service fee for all returned checks)
  • Cash

     A 50% deposit is required at time of reservation.
     Remaining balance is due two weeks before scheduled event.
     Once a date is booked it becomes unavailable to other 
     interested parties.
     Most deposits are non-refundable.

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