Umpqua Valley
              White Dove Release

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Terms & Conditions

 Because our doves are precious to us, we take every precaution 
       to protect them and assure their safe return to the loft.

Umpqua Valley White Dove Release:
  •  will not release birds if the conditions become unsafe.   
  •  will not release birds indoors, at night, or during inclement weather. If  conditions become unacceptable for the release to take place due to weather acts of God, etc. we will refund all money less a mileage fee (minimum of $25) and cost of the display cages.
  •  will not release birds beyond a range that they are able to safely fly    home with at least 2 hours of daylight left.
  •  will charge a one way mileage fee for distances greater than 25 miles from the Umpqua Valley White Dove Release loft to your release site based on Mapquest.
  •  will charge a $25 fee for delays over one half hour.
  •  will charge a $35 fee for all returned checks.
  •  will not refund money for releases that must be canceled due to curfew restrictions because of client delays.
  •   requires a coordinator be present; we will not deliver or ship birds for self release. The coordinator assures the birds safely and your satisfaction for a beautiful and timely release. The coordinator will remain with the birds until they are released or displays are removed.
  •  will arrive on time, be polite, professional and appropriately dressed.
  •  requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total package price, due at the time of reservation. The remainder is due two weeks   before the release event. All checks must clear the bank and fees be paid before the release.
  •  our doves are fed a special diet to help prevent the unlikely soiling of clothing or properties: however, we are working with live animals and cannot guarantee an accident will not occur.
  •  will occasionally have a photographer taking photographs for advertising purposes. By signing the contract you are giving us permission to use those photographs for our advertising. Umpqua Valley White Dove Release holds exclusive copyrights to the photographs taken by our staff.        
  •  will NOT divulge your information to any one outside of our company.

  •  Cages, baskets, tables and decorations for the release are included in the price and are property of Umpqua Valley White Dove Release. We will work with you to coordinate colors and floral arrangements.

 These terms and Conditions allow Umpqua Valley White Dove Release to 
 deliver the highest quality White Dove Release possible. While our priority is
 the health and welfare of our beloved Doves - your satisfaction is our 

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